Barcelona Airport (BCN) or Barcelona Airport Prat (BCN) is located 17 km = 10 miles from the center of Barcelona. This airport is the closest and best to get to Barcelona.

Barcelona Airport is divided in two parts. Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 or T1 (is the modern airport) and Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 or  T2 (is the old airport). Take care because both terminals are separated (4km = 2,5 miles). Check your flight before leaving home. You can take a free green bus from T1 to T2. It will take about 10 minutes.

There is no direct metro from the airport to Barcelona city.

Once in Barcelona airport you have three public options to go to the city of Barcelona:

– Take a taxi. It is the most comfortable, but also the most expensive (from 25 euros plus luggage). The journey to the center (Catalunya Square) will take about 25 minutes with normal traffic.

– Take the airport bus A1 and A2. (Aerobus) The journey to the center (Catalunya Square) will take about 45 minutes. In Barcelona, the mains stops are at España Square and Catalunya Square, both very well connected with the metro network. From Terminal 1 take A1 bus and from Terminal 2 (T2B and T2C) take A2 bus.

If you want to save money you can choose more buses: 46 (cheaper and you can pay with a travel card, but it has many more stops and lower frequency of step. You can do transfer with metro network in Plaza España) or N17 (only works at Night and you can pay with travel card too).

– Take the airport train. (Rodalies-Renfe-R2). You will have to walk a while to arrive to the station and wait 30 minutes between each train. Once in Barcelona, the train stops at Barcelona-Sants = Sants-Estació, Passeig de Gracia and Barcelona-el-Clot-Aragó. In the first two, you can make transfer to Barcelona metro network. The journey from terminal 2 to the center (Catalunya Square – making a transfer with the metro) will take about 35 minutes but you will have to wait for the train. Note that the train doesn’t arrive to terminal 1. You must take a free green bus (bustransit T1-T2) and it will take about 10 minutes between the two terminals.

bus lanzadera t1 t2*bus between terminal 1 and 2


Girona Airport is located north of Barcelona (90 Km = 56 miles from Barcelona)


Reus Airport is located south of Barcelona (120 Km = 75 miles from Barcelona)


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